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Discover our line of soaps, degreasers, and solvents specifically formulated for carwash businesses, mobile detailers, truck stop service stations, heavy equipment rental companies, and any business managing a vehicle fleet that needs cost saving solutions for their vehicle detailing needs.

Triple Foam Soap

Triple-Foam Soap is a mid-level pH washing agent that comes in three different colors and smells for your customer's viewing and smelling pleasure. Our Triple-Foam Soap is an excellent alternative to other similar soaps because of its robust foaming action that gives customers the satisfaction of a thorough car wash experience. Not only does our Triple-Foam Soap break down and remove dirt, but it also shines as it rinses away and is formulated to prevent water spots from forming on vehicle surfaces. We also discovered that most foam soaps degrade over time as they sit in warehouses waiting to be sold, so we don't pre-manufacture our Triple-Foam Soap… ours is mixed, bottled, and shipped "fresh" when ordered.

Available in Bubble Gum (pink), Cherry (blue), or Lemon (yellow) scent.

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Money Maker High-Foam Wash

Money Maker High-Foam Wash is a concentrated soap that's designed to remove surface dirt and tough spots that normal consumer products have a hard time removing. It's formulated to break down dirt without excessive scrubbing and lifts away surface contaminants as it sits. The properties of this soap make it ideal for vehicles with custom paint jobs, body wraps, or other delicate surfaces that require a gentle detergent for cleaning. This soap also includes a water based drying agent in the formula that makes rinsing easier and efficient, requiring less water to remove compared to other soaps.

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Purple Love Soap

Purple Love Soap is designed for truck and auto detailing services, heavy equipment operators, and any company that needs an affordable and effective detergent for their fleet management needs. As a mid-level pH detergent, this highly aggressive cleaning agent is gentle enough to be used on vehicle paint, glass, plastics, and vinals and does not spot, stain, or streak high-shine finishes. Purple Love can also be used on delicate interior surfaces and is easy to rinse clean without leaving behind residue on carpet or upholstery. It's also perfect for the home and office service business for cleaning countertops, stainless steel, plexiglass, polished floors and other surfaces without damaging delicate finishes.

Available in 1-, 5-, 15-, 30-, and 55-Gallon options

Red Hot Degreaser

Red Hot Degreaser is created for the primary purpose of dissolving thick and sticky lubricants and oil based compounds that cannot be removed using conventional cleaners. This powerful cleaning agent is extremely effective at cutting through and removing grease, gasoline, and hydraulic fluid rapidly from all kinds of surfaces from heavy equipment to concrete shop floors. Red Hot is available as ready-to-use for automotive and equipment detailing, or full-strength concentrate for industrial and manufacturing applications.

Available in 1-, 5-, 15-, 30-, and 55-Gallon options

Red Radical Acid Wash

Red Radical is a one-of-a-kind, industrial strength solvent that’s designed to work quickly on metal surfaces to flash-off scale, slag, flux, rust and other impurities that impede surface finishing operations. Red Radical can be used in automotive applications to clean chrome wheels, stainless steel, and aluminum without damaging more delicate materials like rubber and plastic. This powerful solvent works on contact to quickly remove oxidation and road film to prep surface for polishing a brilliant shine that lasts for weeks. For industrial and manufacturing applications, Red Radical can be used full-strength without dilution to achieve maximum effect for removing impurities on metal surfaces.

Available in 1-, 5-, 15-, 30-, and 55-Gallon options

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