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Discover our variety of different soaps and cleaners specifically created for the professional flooring and carpet care service business looking for high-quality products capable of removing deep stains and dirt from most types of flooring without needing to oversaturate the surface.

Neutral PH7 Carpet Shampoo

Neutral PH7 Shampoo is a gentle solution that can be used on all types of fabrics, carpets, area rugs, upholstery, and even furniture. N7 works extremely well for hand washing, and is very effective when used with a floor buffer since the neutral property will not damage carpet. This shampoo also has a natural optical brightener in the formula that will help bring vibrance back to a faded carpet. This is one of our favorite carpet care products because it's less expensive and cleans the same square foot area using less shampoo than other brands we have used… This means a considerable cost savings without sacrificing quality!

Available in 1-, 5-, and 55-Gallon options

High PH11 Carpet Spotter

High pH11 Carpet spotter is a highly effective degreasing cleaner for use on carpet and upholstery. This spot cleaner is a great pre-spray for those heavy traffic areas that will not come clean. When H11 is applied to heavy stains and dirt that's imbedded deep into carpet, it goes to work immediately to break down and loosen it from the carpet fibers allowing the shampoo to bind to it and lift it away. As with any high pH product that is put on carpet or upholstery, it should be neutralized to bring the pH back down, otherwise it will cause carpet discoloration.

Available in 1- & 5-Gallon options

Red Stain Remover

Red Stain Remover is a one-of-a-kind 2-part red stain remover for carpet, fabrics, and upholstery. RSR was designed for everyday use as a consumer product, but can be used by home and business carpet cleaning services as a pre-treatment for red stains before cleaning. We love our RSR because it's formulated to neutralize red dyes which makes it the perfect treatment for Kool-Aid, wine, popsicle, fruit punch, and so much more! This product can be used with a heat transfer process or can just be sprayed directly onto the stain. If RSR is sprayed onto carpet without using a heat transfer process, RSR may take longer to react with the stain to break it down.

Available in 32oz & 1-Gallon options

Green Plus Degreasing Soap

Green Plus Degreaser is a fantastic mild degreaser that can be used in everything from food processing plants to city maintenance shop. Basically, Green Plus is an all-purpose soap for use in any place where you may need a degreaser for everyday use, and as a floor cleaner - Green Plus works extremely well on tile and grout! The degreasing property of this cleaner works to loosen and dissolve imbedded grease and oil, while the soap property works to penetrate and break down dirt and grime. Green Plus doesn't overproduce suds making it ideal for larger tasks since it's easy to rinse away using a minimal amount of water.

Available in 1-, 5-, 30-Gallon options

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