Automotive & Heavy Equipment Detailers:

Achieve exceptional results with our specialized chemicals created specifically for the auto detailing business

Our cleaners and solvents will cut down your detailing and metal finishing time immediately and won't require nearly as much chemical to get the job done - saving you time and money!

Purple Plus Soap

Purple Plus Soap was designed for the detailing business. As a mid-level pH multi-purpose cleaner, this highly aggressive cleaning agent is gentle enough to be used on vehicle paint, glass, plastics, and vinals, and does not spot, stain, or streak high-shine finishes on delicate surfaces.

Blue Force XD

Blue Force XD is a powerful ready-to-use cleaning agent that is extremely effective at cutting through and removing heavy dirt, grease, gasoline, and hydraulic fluid. This cleaner can be used on anything from heavy equipment to concrete shop floors, and can also be used on heavily soiled upholstery.

Aluminum Brightener

Aluminum Brightener is formulated for use on chrome wheels, stainless steel, and aluminum surfaces. This powerful solvent works on contact to quickly remove oxidation and road film to prep surface for polishing a brilliant shine that lasts for weeks, and does not damage rubber or plastics.

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